Klaus' Pedigree

Grand International CH Knock Ayne Charlos

Maine Coon
N° de pedigrée
LO 16959
Beatriz Adrian Bravo
Plus d'infos
Blue tabby blotched (a22) Free HCM, SMA, PKD, PKDef.
Parents Grands-parents Arrière-grands-parents Arrière-arrière-grands-parents
  • Homero Castillacoon
  • LO 13348
  • Maine Coon
Yukon Castillacoon
  • LO 131181
  • Maine Coon
Justcoons Tiger Touch
Borneo des Shags of Saskatoon
Justcoons Blue Supreme
Racoone's Sundance of Castillacoon
Ravencoon Lord of the Dance
Racoone's Vanity
Kassaro Zasha
  • LO 10089
  • Maine Coon
CH Int. Willowplace Chowchilla
S.GR.CH Masaitana Haut Brion of Willowplace
Willowplace Fire Rose
Willowplace Moonshine of Kassaro
D.GR.CH Willowplace Denver Mint
Tayaway Eilisha of Willowplace
  • Castillacoon Idara
  • LO 13817
  • Maine Coon
CH Int. Langstteich's P'Renegade Prado Mellizo
  • LO 4024
  • Maine Coon
Langstteich's O'Pepper-Pur
GrCH Int Guldfakse's Ottawa
Capecoon's Perdita
Twilightzone's Shu-Una
Tuscaloosa's Adair
Twilightzone's Sheba
Kassaro Ohdessa
  • LO 11541
  • Maine Coon
Pafnucy Don Koczis
CH Kafras Dragon Wolf
Fee Fee Faricoon
Shaycoon's Mona Lisa
CH Justcoons I Came for You
Dream of Rainbow Valley -CZ-